About us

Quality work and Craftsmanship. Honor in business.  These may be old terms, but they are values I live by in my work in the upholstery business and in my life.

After 33 years in the upholstery business running my own shop in Clovis and working with a State program to help those with troubled pasts learn the trade, I’ve found there is great pride in doing something you enjoy along with providing a needed service in the community. It’s not just about getting the bills paid, but more importantly, doing quality, honorable work that’s satisfying to both us and our customers. 

You’ll see quality work done right at Got-Cha-Covered Upholstery. I’ve taken care of customers after they’ve tried other upholstery shops that let them down and didn’t follow through with promised jobs. You won’t find that kind of shop here.

We believe a job well done means you’ll receive a good and fair estimate on the cost and time we’ll need to finish your project that includes proper amount of time considered do the job right the first time, plus use the right type of materials so the finished product will hold up the way it should. It’s the way we do business to keep our customers satisfied. And, often our satisfied customers open doors for more work when referring us to their friends and business partners.    

We like the old style of doing quality work that is honest and fair and satisfying to our customers, so naturally our work is guaranteed to your satisfaction. 

I welcome the opportunity to serve you in any upholstery needs you may have. Bring your project by and see me to get a free estimate, or stop by and say “hello!” We enjoy talking with our customers, neighbors, friends and those curious about what we do.


2 thoughts on “About us

  1. hello, we were in your shop two weeks ago and were looking to have our dinette on our boat recovered in red and red and white cloth. we were wondering if you had the quote for the materials. please call me when you have time. Stacey 916-414-7357. thank you.


    • Stacey, please come on by or give us a call so we can see about giving you an actual estimate for the dinnet. Shop # 916-776-1655


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