Quality. Craftsmanship. Satisfaction for all our customers we do work for. Appreciation shown by customers returning to us over and over again for work. That’s what you’ll find at Got Cha Covered Upholstery here in the Sacramento Delta. We’re simply passionate about doing good work for people who tell us over and over again they really like the job and they’ll be back with more projects for us.  You’ll find a simple, casual, down-home-delta style with Got Cha Covered Upholstery. Because that’s ours style here.  


11 thoughts on “Home

  1. Good morning, I’ve been looking for an upholstery shop for a couple years now, I live in Galt & I have a LazyBoy sofa sectional, one of the seats, (the end chaise piece), has wear on it & the batting is starting to show. The material has been discontinued, however I have the 2 head rest squares & both arm squares from the sofa. I don’t care how patch quilt it looks, but I’d like to know if you think you could fix it? I can bring the arm section in for you. I can’t afford a new sofa & I love the one I have, the rest of the seats are still in good shape.
    Feel free to call me @ 916-769-5715.
    Thank you for your time.
    Yours, -heather Riggs


    • Hello Heather. Thank you for contacting us. We would love to help with your sofa. The question is, how much time will it take. We charge $70 an hour, though I cant say for certain, 2 hours would be the minimum. Please send a picture and if you like we can set up an appointment to see the sofa and give you an exact quote for the repair.


    • Thank you for contacting us, I’m Denise.Yes you may send us a picture. Though it is difficult to give a good quote with pictures alone. There are a lot of variables to consider: foam, springs, welt, etc.. Where are you located, Jenna? We can set up a time to have a look and give you a free quote? The number to our shop is 916-776-1655


  2. can you give me a outdoor cushion boxed cover quote?
    Cushion dimension are: 30″w x 14″h x 6″ thk. (need 3 total) plus 36″d x 77″w x 4″thk (need only one)
    with Sunbrella outdoor fabric – solid pattern. Also please include foam with 1″ polyester fabric.


    • Looks like we’ll need about 8-9 yards of Sunbrella, so your estimated cost for material is $400 bucks. Plus foam will range from $250 – $500 bucks, depending on the density. Where are you located? We can set up an appointment to give you an accurate quote at no charge. Call us at the shop, (916) 776-1655 ask for Denise.


  3. Hi Hollie. please excuse my slow response. I don’t know how to navigate this site I well as I’d like. To answer your question, yes we do upholster car seats. Give me a call (916) 776-1655 and I’ll schedule a time to come out and give you a free estimate.


  4. Hi Denise, it’s been a while. Wanted to know if you guys do snap down boat canvas and installation. We have a fully open 2001 23′ Chapparel and it has never had a Mooring canvas made for it. The snaps will also need to be installed in the fiberglass. I know you do upholstery so I thought I’d check about the canvas. I also need a small headrest cover for the captains chair, it’s sunburned from the last owner.


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